Harmonizing Lemongrass-Hibiscus | Jerusalem Blend

Harmonizing Lemongrass-Hibiscus | Jerusalem Blend

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Loose-Leaf Blend (note: loose-leaf blends ship direct from Israel and take 1-3 weeks to arrive)

The ShalvaTea™ Harmonizing Lemongrass-Hibiscus blend is a unique twist on the classic Israeli lemongrass-sage tea, typically plucked from a backyard or balcony. Hibiscus adds a hint of tartness and color, the rose petals and calendula add an aromatic calming affect, while the olive leaf adds a depth that harmonizes the diverse natural flavors together. A dash of cardamom adds a a timeless affect that makes this a truly unique blend.

This blend was inspired by the native plants of the Jerusalem hills, a playground of aromatic herbs and wildflowers, dotted with fig, almond, and pomegranate trees. These same hills have inspired pilgrims for millennia, and continue to do so today.

Ingredients: lemongrass, spearmint, hibiscus, rose petals, olive leaf, sage, cardamom, calendula