Refreshing Olive Leaf-Lemonbalm | Galil Blend

Refreshing Olive Leaf-Lemonbalm | Galil Blend

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Loose-Leaf Blend (note: loose-leaf blends ship direct from Israel and take 1-3 weeks to arrive)

The ShalvaTea™ Refreshing Olive Leaf - Lemonbalm infusion is an invigorating blend with a bold and robust lemony flavor. Lemongrass, dandelion green, and sage are added to the mix for a refreshing and grounding touch—reminiscent of green tea with lemon—ideal any time of day. 

This blend was inspired by the native plants of the Galil region of northern Israel, a stunning landscape of healing wild herbs and flowers tucked among springs, terraced olive groves and wide valleys, flowing into the Sea of Galilee. The region, known since ancient times as a source for the finest olive oil, bursts to life each spring into every shade of green.

Ingredients: olive leaf, lemongrass, lemonbalm, dandelion, sage